• Security Fest 2018 - Pongdom

    Even AI needs uptime checks.

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - music is frequency

    This challenge was pretty fun to solve, credits to the creator!!

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - Virtual Printer

    Hey ! Someone did something really smart to retrieve stolen documents. Will you find what it’s all about? https://virtual-printer.ctf.insecurity-insa.fr

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - Curler

    Show me some stats on my website! Have a look to my source code attached too! nc curler.ctf.insecurity-insa.fr 10001 source

  • INS'hAck CTF 2018 - sudo

    I just wrote a program to easily launch program as other users without using sudo and all its painful configuration. Mind having a look? ssh sudo@sudo.ctf.insecurity-insa.fr -p 11111 (password: sudo)