• CodeBlue CTF 2017 - Guestroom

    We are presented with a challenge php based and we have the source code.

  • CodeBlue CTF 2017 - CODE BLUE Snippet

    This challenge was firstly deployed with a bug which allowed us to solve it in a matter of seconds.

  • HackDatKiwi CTF 2017 - serialnumber

    This challenge has been a pain in the a%%, no doubts about it.
    It was fairly easy (hence the 60pts) in the sense that when you understood what was wrong you could pwn it with just a word.

  • HackDatKiwi CTF 2017 - fractal

    This challenge was a WebApp in which you could buy some things among which there was the flag. One little problem: the flag costed 100k$ and you have… no money. No difference from real life.

  • BackdoorCTF 2017 - Extends Me

    The challenge was about gaining access to a web server protected by a login. Crypto/Web 250