• EkoParty CTF 2017 - silkroad

    “We will never make the same mistakes again, we challenge you to read our messages and earn some BTCs!” - DPR

  • SEC-T CTF 2017 - Make it rain

    Joey: Like four hours I’m just messing around in there. Finally I figure out, that it’s a bank. Right, okay wait, okay, so it’s a bank. So, this morning, I look in the paper, some cash machine in like Bumsville Idaho, spits out seven hundred dollars into the middle of the street.

  • SHA2017CTF - WannaFly

    My daughter Kimberly her computer got hacked. Now she lost all her favorite images. Can you please help me recover those images? download

  • SHA2017CTF - Compromised

    We think our system got compromised, our hosting company uses some strange logtool. Are you able to dig into the logfile and find out if we are compromised?

  • Bugs_Bunny CTF 2017 - pwn250

    This was a pretty standard, stack-based overflow. You can download the file here.